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Carroll County Shale Gas Well Info
  Carroll County Shale Gas Wells  

We wish we could provide this kind of information summary for all Ohio counties; however it is a substantial chore just to try to keep Carroll County's information somewhat current.  Please check the ODNR website's gas well database for the latest updates in all Ohio counties.

Unconventional Wells In Carroll County - DNR Google Map Links  

Tanner 24-12-4 10 Chesapeake
Bailey 35-12-4 6H Chesapeake
West 4-15-5 3H Augusta Township
Halter 36-16-7 3H Rose Township
Mangun Mangun 8H Augusta Township
Campbell Campbell 8H Union Township (map not available yet)
Burgett 7-15-6 8H Center Township

 Press About Carroll County Shale Wells

May 2012 - A Modern Day Gold Rush What Fracking Means for Southeast Ohio (video) - Soul of Athens
Sept 2012 - Fracking Boomtown (video) - TruthOut

Gas industry animation of horizontal drilling and fracking process
WV areal photos of entire process including gas pipeline installations

See photo Carroll County well
in Augusta
East Township initial well plan

Center Township initial well plan

Washington Township initial well plan

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