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Shale Gas Leasing Considerations
Note: This site does not provide legal or accounting advise.  Always check with a certified professional before signing any legal document.

Deciding to lease your property for shale gas development should not be taken lightly as the decision you make and any document you sign could impact the use of your property for literally decades to come.

  Leasing Considerations  
OH Landowner Leasing Considerations with Unconventional Gas Wells - PowerPoint show with narrative 70MB download (Sorry for big download.  We are working to come up with a better way of providing this information.)
Introduction to landowner considerations for unconventional gas drilling - 20 min VIDEO
Example ALOV lease with better landowner terms that provided by leasing company

Look before you lease
- Eastern Ohio landowners information site
Homeowners with Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac mortgages be careful about gas leasing

Landowner considerations to gas drilling
Chesapeake mortgages mineral rights and stops landowners from getting the mortgage they need

Chesapeake says liquid hydrocarbons make Utica reserves in Ohio substantially more valuable. 
If you lease, make sure to take this into consideration.
NY Times Articles on Shale Gas disclose Federal Government concerns - June 26, 2011 Part 1, Part 2
Belmont County landowners group lease mineral right

See what its like to have a drilling site as your neighbor
(Harrison County News 5)
May 2012 - A Modern Day Gold Rush What Fracking Means for Southeast Ohio (video) - Soul of Athens
Sept 2012 - Fracking Boomtown (video) - TruthOut

  Leasing Practices to Watch Out For 
Mineral Sales vs. Leases
from Cleveland Crains - make sure you understand what you are signing. 
SHOCKING oil and gas "landman playbook" from West Bay Exploration.  See suggestions on how to redirect landowners away from critical issues like decreased land values and radioactivity in well water.  (this document's source has not been confirmed with West Bay Exploration)
Carroll County couple sues over fraudulent gas leasing practices
by Kenyan and Chesapeake
Rep. Okey calls for review of deceptive gas leasing practices

Chesapeake strategy includes lease flipping and international partners
- Dec 11, 2011 Pittsburgh Post Gazatte (archive)
Chesapeake hides behind shell companies
- Dec 26, 2011 Ruters (archive)
US energy independence argument rings hollow as US companies sell their shale gas to China, Korea, and other foreign countries

Chesapeake sells Wyoming leases to Norwegian Stratoil

British Gas thrilled to purchase US gas and sell to Asia
(so much for US patriotism on gas exploration)
The shell game of who owns my lease continues - Consol sells 660,000 acres of holding to Noble Energy for $3.4 billion

  Health Considerations 
American Lung Association Expresses Concern Over Air Pollution From Fracking

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