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 Mining Impact on Local Communities 
Fractured Lives - Detritus of Pennsylvania's Shale Gas Boom - with a reference to the new "triple play" in Carroll County Ohio
Prenter WV residents push DEP for drinking water protections from coal slurry injection...worked out mines used to dispose of toxic coal sludge from wash plants
Taxpayers shell out $368,000 for roads on Rosebud's Vail mine
Local Athens group considers CCC water protections in its strip mine fight
Mine enforcement weak before deadly blasts
Arch coal fined $4 million for EPA water violations
Harvard study finds coal's real cost to be 3 times as high
Stream protection review by EPA blocked by Ohio congressman
Bob Murray head of OVC (considered one of the worst coal mining companies in the area) says long-wall mining is environmentally the best.  Maybe he should ask local landowners their opinion.
Rhino Resource Partners plans to expand Hopedale mine and start mining Leesville reserve
Rosbeud greases palm of PA Governor Corbett with large donation
Ohio Congressmen pushing bill to increase mountain top removal
EPA protecting WV residents' health against Coal's mountaintop removal techniques
Mining allowed under elementary school causing damage to building (TX)
Rosebud's PA mine targeted as part of governmental mine safety sweep.
Rosebud tries to soften public opinion with a big check to the Carroll County Fair Board and purchasing real estate.  Once again proving that Rosebud stands to make a tremendous amount of money by putting your property values at risk.  Ask your grandchildren in 50 years if it was a "fair trade".  See Carrollton Free Press story.
Rosebud Mining continues divisive approach to business in Carroll County.  Secret "back room" deals being made with Garner and Hawk show how "business will be done" by Rosebud.  See Times Reporter story
Mining trucks pose danger on our roads.  Note in article that driver when across the center line and off the left side of the road.
Rosebud fights clean air...continues to follow Massey Energy as a party to lawsuits.
Local communities have put new rules in place to deal with dust and noise from coal trucks
Acquisition of Buckeye Industrial Mines puts Scio coal processing permit request on hold
Carroll County's Time Has Come...a good thing?
 Water Protection 

June Meeting News Leader Press Coverage - Chesapeake Energy Q&A session (unfortunately Chesapeake asked us not to video the Q&A session.  This press coverage provides some insight on the information provided by Chesapeake.  For a copy of the questions provided in advance to Chesapeake, click on this link.)  Chesapeake provided this presentation after the meeting with additional information about their Ohio operations. 
PA residents share gas drilling water pollution stories (video)
PA well failure analysis - Popular Mechanics
AR earthquakes suspected from use of injection wells - same approach that would be used in OH for disposal of frack fluid (ABC Nightline via Hulu)
Dept of Environmental Protection sends Chesapeake notice of violation on PA well blowout
Chesapeake sued in WV over illegal dumping of drilling waste
Former gas executive says stop fracking near surface water in AR...PA blowout proves risks are real
Is water the next oil...billionaire T. Boone Pickens is betting on it
PA regulators spend just 35 minutes reviewing gas well permits...will ODNR spend more with over 1,000 well requests per year?  Who will protect the landowner's rights? - Boston Globe
Gas industry releases fracking information website unfortunately "find a well" database shows no fracked wells in Carroll County eventhough there are at least 3
WV lawmaker worries about gas leasing terms and practices used by smaller gas drilling operations
PA study of frack and produced water shows unacceptable levels being released from "treatment" facilities
12 million abandoned oil/gas wells pose drinking water threat with hydrofracking of shale wells - Post Gazette
Gas well hazardous waste water put in injection wells pose risk as injection wells leak
Illegal dumping of gas drilling waste water in PA...signs of things to come for Ohio?
TX Railroad commission overrules EPA requirement to replace landowner water...signs of things to come to Ohio?
US EPA looks for toxic chemicals in PA waterways from hydrofracking and gas wells
PA's environmental bill of rights used to challenge hydrofacted gas well pollution
Chesapeake tries to back out of gas leases - landowners sue to retain contract rights
Lawmakers declare New Jersey a NO fracking zone
Ohio should look at other states before the boom - Editorial
Fracking and democracy - Editorial
Radiation-Fracking link sparks quick action by EPA
PA Senator calls for frack water testing to protect against radioactive materials
Regulation is lax for water from gas wells - Post Gazette
Hydrofracking and gas extraction impact forests in WV
The business of natural gas in Ohio - Chesapeake to lease 1 million acres in Ohio
Chesapeake gas well in PA explodes injuring employees transferring fracking fluid  Addl video PA Channel 4
PA area likely EPA study location for impact of hydrofracking on water local water supplies
Michigan gas well hydrofracking leak detected
Plain Township seeks moratorium on hydro fracking
Congressional letter claims fracking violates clean water act
EPA investigation in Texas may set precedence for country in water protections
Citizens Source Water Protection Committee - Dover, DE
Kasich's new EPA Director could put business rights over citizen rights
Local Kentucky citizen monitors coal mine output into streams

 Air Quality Protection 

Wyoming gas field residents feel effects of gas well air pollution
 CCC Meeting Archives 

April 4, 2013 - US Database Project. 
Ted Auch, PhD of FracTracker shared their project to expand independent data tracking and mapping capabilities to include Ohio and other states.  Landowners who chose to share data with FracTracker from CCC's Feb 16 Data Collection Day will be included in FracTrackers extensive mapping and analysis web application.  Dr. Auch also shared the latest mapping overlay project for Carroll County that shows ODNR documented shale gas wells (with helpful well statistics if you click on the circle at the center of the well) and the current subsurface coal mines.  As coal mining expands in the county, the overlap will increase and could have an impact on landowner risk.

March 7, 2013 - A Layman's Overview of Shale Gas Drilling -
Paul Feezel filled in for the scheduled speaker who had an unexpected conflict.  Paul used a slide show to provided landowners with an overview of shale gas drilling terminology, equipment and processes--including rig components, how drill bits are managed, casing installation and cementing, hydraulic fracturing and well completion. 

February 16, 2013 - Data Collection Day
CCC had a successful first data collection day where landowners brought their paper test results in to be scanned and entered into a centralized water quality database.  CCC will be hosting these on a regular basis in the future and plans to add a new feature to the website where landowners with scanners at home can upload those documents directly to us.  Thanks to all who participated and the volunteers who made the event such a success!

January 3, 2013
Richard Sahli, Esq., part of CCC's legal team, reviewed the shortcomings of 2009 Rosebud Mining Company  permit request as detailed by the Ohio Department of Natural Resources, Department of Mineral Resources Management (ODNR DMRM) 21 page response to Rosebud.  Attorney Sahli focused on the most egregious shortcomings in: water and aquifer analysis, geologic engineering analysis of mine coal, ceiling and floor strengths to eliminate subsidence, flood plain impacts, archeological and habitat impacts.

Carroll Concerned Citizens has formally requested that ODNR Director Zehringer reject the Rosebud Mining Company's permit request at this time due to:
  • Documented and substantial inadequacies in the permit information and analysis
  • The substantial change in industrial mineral extraction in Carroll County from the shale gas boom and its potential for increased risks to landowner water and surface use where these activities collide.
November 1, 2012 - Tom Cottis, Carroll County's Emergency Management Agency's Director provided fellow citizens with important information about the County's readiness for potential shale gas industry emergencies.  Commissioner Tom Wheaton also attended the meeting, but was not a formal presenter.  Here are some key points from the presentation and discussion:
  • County resources are only responsible for emergencies that move "outside the fence," i.e. outside the secured area around the pad.
  • Inside the fence emergencies are the responsibility of the driller and their contracted resources.
  • So far there have been no shale gas pad emergency calls; however, there has been a marked increase in road emergency calls.  Traffic accidents involving shale gas vehicles, overturned vehicles, and fluid leaks are the primary calls to-date.  Unfortunately, a Perry Township Volunteer Firefighter relayed that two Stallion Water/Residual Waste haulers recently ran one of their volunteer fire trucks off the road causing substantial damage to the vehicle. 
  • Many fellow residents chimed in on the problems with shale gas industry traffic safety.  Both firefighters and residents complained that the Ohio Highway Patrol has insufficient resources locally to respond to accident / incident reports claiming that it would be up to 5 hours before a unit could respond.
  • Regarding specific horizontal well emergency training, there seemed to be somewhat of a conflict.  Perry Township's team has been trained by the Chesapeake Emergency training team; however, it seems that other volunteer organizations have not been trained.  Director Cottis agreed to work with Chesapeake and the many Fire Chiefs to get everyone training.
  • Funding for emergency response was a big issue.  Director Cottis, Commissioner Wheaton and the local Perry Township Volunteers all complained that they are being asked to respond to an increasing number of calls, yet they receive no additional funding.  Commissioner Wheaton explained that those there has been a small increase in sales tax, that no additional tax revenues are yet helping offset these increased costs.  Governor Kasich has proposed a gas extraction tax, but even if passed, he is proposing that it be used to provide a statewide reduction in Ohio income tax rather than come back to the counties like Carrol that are burdened with the actual cost increases.  Interestingly Perry Township Volunteer Fire recently asked for a donation to cover their out-of-pocket costs from responding to a shale gas industry emergency and did recieve a donation. 
  • Residents and drivers were all encouraged to dial 911 to report any incidents they thought were dangerous or very abnormal related to shale gas activities. 
  • Finally, Director Cottis said that Carroll County EMA will be using the County's Emergency Alert phone feature to notify homeowners in the area of a well disaster.  All landline number are automatically activated.  Cell users can activate their numbers by calling the Carroll County EMA at 330-627-0003 and following the prompts on Option 223.

October 4, 2012 -
Deborah Cowden, MD reviewed a recent study from Colorado about the impacts on air quality from the drilling, fracturing, and even ongoing production of shale gas wells.  The peer reviewed Colorado study showed substantially higher air quality health risks for those people living within 1/2 mile of the well...regardless of the prevailing wind direction.  In addition, Dr. Cowden covered specific health indications associated with hydrogen sulfide gas which is very common in Ohio's shale gas region.

September 6
, 2012 Brook Lenker, Executive Director for FracTracker, shared their new tool for landowners to better understand shale gas activities and issues in their areas.  FracTracker's mapping and analysis tools give visual insights into sometimes very confusing and complex data.  Thanks to a grant from the George Gund Foundation, FracTracker will have a full-time resource focused on outreach, data collection, and analysis here in Ohio. 

2012 Carroll County Fair
Thanks to all the CCC volunteers and all our fellow citizens who stopped by the booth.  We served over 1,000 glasses of cold water to thirsty fair goers to hopefully remind folks of just how important ongoing access to clean water really is. 
Special thanks to: Gail and John Walker for the water donation and Heather and Jimmy Vahila for the T-shirt donation. 

June 7, 2012
Julie Weatherington-Rice, PhD shared her research over the last 2-3 decades regarding protecting municipal water fields from various mineral extraction activities.  Her latest analysis includes a substantial amount of information about the potential impacts of shale gas drilling and specifically research done in Carroll County for the Village of Carrollton.  Dr. Weatherington-Rice unfortunately reinforced that there is little that ODNR can do to alter the expansion of gas wells even in municipal water wells fields.  Furthermore, she believes that many municipalities have insufficient documentation in the event that a future contamination occurs.  Because neither the state or federal governments provide any funding for replacement of a public water supply, it is left to the municipality to legally pursue the polluter and to seek restitution.  Unfortunately due to the magnitude of potential impact associated with public water supply replacement and the corporate legal structure often used by mineral and drilling companies, municipalities may be the last to recover funds in the event of a bankruptcy event.
Dr. Weatherington-Rice completed here presentation by saying that gathering baseline water quality and quantity data is critical.  Furthermore, developing a water well protection plan, including emergency water replacement protocols and cost estimates, will at least put municipalities in a better legal position should a pollution event occur.

May 3,
2012  -
Ohio Representative Mark D. Okey shared insight on the rationale and development of his Truth in Leasing Act  Rep. Okey's first-hand knowledge of intentional deception and unfair gas leasing transactions, as well as, a general lack of landowner protections, drove him to propose this new legislation.  Key components of the legislation include minimum leasing standards for royalties, production audits, water testing, and setbacks.  Rep. Okey has met with Governor Kasich and several Ohio House Panels to educate them on the need for this legislation, though Rep. Okey is unsure if it will be passed before his term ends.

April 5, 2012 
Leroy VanHorne, Carroll County Auditor, provided insight on tax considerations for gas / oil mineral rights to nearly 50 interested residents.  Mr. VanHorne clarified leasing versus deed level separation (sale) of mineral rights and that sale of minerals has tax implications for the buyer.  The Auditor also mentioned that all the recent gas monines will have little positive impact County tax receipts as the State receives all gas tax revenue.  He also reminded all landowners that signing bonuses and royalty payments are generally considered ordinary income subject to Village, State and Federal income provisions.  All landowners should check with their accountant about the potential tax implications.

March 1, 2012 -
Over 100 people showed up for an informative review of best management practices (BMP) for gas pipeline installations by Ray Rummell of Carroll County's Soil and Water Conservation District.  He followed an ODNR document (click here for link) to explain some of the key considerations when signing a pipeline easement and/or overseeing the installation process.  Ray said that most pipeline installs are subcontracted and that landowners should hold the contractor accountable for all aspects of the easement document.

June 2011
Meeting News Leader Press Coverage - Chesapeake Energy Q&A session (unfortunately Chesapeake asked us not to video the Q&A session.  This press coverage provides some insight on the information provided by Chesapeake.  For a copy of the questions provided in advance to Chesapeake, click on this link.)  Chesapeake provided this presentation after the meeting with additional information about their Ohio operations. 

Creation Care
a faith leaders Oct 11, 2011 luncheon update.  Thanks to Pastor Mikel Doak of Carrollton's Church of Christ Christian and the Carroll Ministerial Association for the opportunity to share Carroll Concerned Citizen's mission and its work-to-date.  Carroll County's spiritual leaders are in-tune with the human and community complexities of industrialize mineral extraction.  Their leadership will provide valuable support for individuals, Churches, and the community as a whole. 

the movie (Sponsored by The Tuscarawas County Sustainability Network & Carroll Concerned Citizens on Sunday March 19) was viewed by over 70 local citizens interested in learning more about what other citizens have experienced as a result of gas drilling in their area.  A brief Q&A and panel discussion was held after the movie. 

March 9 Gas leasing meeting sponsored by Farm Bureau in Carrollton attracts 300 people wanting to learn more about the process and the risks.  See Facts on Fracking below for a great, scientific-based overview.  Also see sample lease links below for landowner focused lease terms.
Press release for March 3 meeting
News Leader Feb 3 meeting summary
December 4, 2010 Joint Press Conference Press Kit
Dec 4, 2010 Press Conference coverage
Carrollton Free Press Standard
New Phila Times Reporter Coverage
News Leader / Mr. Thrifty
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2010 Carrollton Christmas Parade Float - Ice Queen Puppet

WTUZ Press Announcement
November 28 press conference announcement - Times Reporter
May 6 meeting - Times Reporter Coverage
May 6 meeting - Free Press Standard Coverage
Mining contributing loss of our very limited Old Growth Forests in Ohio
Federal Judge hands down preliminary injunction against Rosebud Mining company for safety violations
Judy Bonds, vocal opponent of mountain top removal mining, dies of cancer
Windber residents continue fight against Rosebud's coal dust from trucks and trains
Rosebud Windber and Apollo mines have "higher rate of safety violations and injuries" than industry average
Rosebud caught in mine safety violations
Tax payers again pick the costs of past coal company failures.  Per ODNR, reclamations cost more than coal companies pay in. 
US Dept of Interior forces ODNR to look at permit process and 2008 Constitutional Amendment to protect landowner's rights to water
Rosebud operations in Windber continue to upset local residents with coal trucks, coal dust and train traffic
Rosebud violates US Army Corp requirements on Vail Mine operations
East Sparta looses water while finger pointing continues between responsible parties. 
Mine subsidence repairs to Carroll schools track costs them $4,500
2010 Coal Fight Summary - Alternet link
CCC members send letters of concern to Federal coal permitting review board regarding water rights and the unconstitutional takings within the State of Ohio.  ODNR DMRM Chief and Ohio Inspector General also put on notice regarding failures within current Ohio coal mine permitting process.
CCC makes informational presentation to Malvern Village Council.  The Council is very concerned about the truck traffic, road safety, truck noise, and the water pollution potential associated with the increased activity at the Buckeye Industrial wash plant.
CCC signs on to coal ash letter sent to Gov. Strickland.  There is a movement to start putting coal ash slurry in underground minds after mining is complete.  Coal ash has has highly toxic chemicals that can then be released into the water table.  Just another unfortunate downstream impact of coal-fired powerplants.
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