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Water Protections
Some things to consider when protecting your water

Summit Environmental Technologies (SETTEK) offers group pricing on Tier 3 water testing in gas drilling areas surrounding Carroll County.
  • OEPA certified Tier 3 water test $275 including sampling fee when 4 or more samples can be taken on a given date in a similar geographic area.  SETTEK will help to match your testing date with other landowner whenever possible.  PLANNING AHEAD TO BE PART OF A GROUP SAMPLING DATE SAVES YOU FROM THE NORMAL $150 SAMPLING FEE.
  • OEPA certified radiological testing can be performed for an additional $200.
  • Contact SETTEK at 330-253-8211 and ask for Dr. Mo Osmon for details or to coordinate sampling date.
NOTE: This water testing service is between the landowner and SETTEK.  Carroll Concerned Citizens is only sharing information and is not associated with SETTEK or recommending SETTEK over other OEPA certified testing labs.  Landowners should always do their own research and make the decision that is best for their land.

Water Quality - Your Private Well: What do the Results Mean,
by Brian Orman, PG  provides a great overview of the components of most well water tests and insight on acceptable results ranges.

Jan 5, 2012
Understanding water test results near gas drilling - A Summit Environmental Technologies presentation that provides insight on the meaning of each of the test components and the EPA limits or average Ohio results where EPA limits have not been set.
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