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Coal Mining Information

Landowner considerations regarding coal mining

US Dept of Interior says ODNR current water replacement policies do not meet Federal guidelines

Massey settles lawsuit after contaminating 700 WV landowner's water with coal wash slurry pumped into worked out mines

Ohio taxpayers bear 2/3 of the cost of road updates needed to safely transport Rosebud coal in Tusc.  ***Update due to public pressure, Tusc county renegotiated.  Now taxpayers are only subsidizing private coal business operations by 1/3.

Windber PA residents still concerned about health as 800 trucks per day come/go to Rosebud mines

Rosebud received 3 citations at its PA coal preparation plant

Cleaning up the sins of prior coal mining in Carroll County

Abandoned underground coal mine leaks deadly gas into Coventry home

CCC works with attorney to fight for replacing ALL water sources after longwall mining in Belmont County.  ODNR says Ohio Valley Coal's replacement of water to house and 1 farm field is not "premining condition" when there were a total of 12 water sources spread over 500+ acres.

Ohio Valley Coal resubmits long-wall mine to cover original acreage + small room and pillar.  Landowners WILL loose there water from this permit.  CCC is looking at how we can help.

CCC reaches out to over 50 Ohio landowners identified in coal mining permits as having a probability of water impacts.  We hope to provide support to landowner interested in fighting for their rights.

Economic Impacts of Rosebud Mine in Carroll County
Who really wins from mining coal in Carroll County?
  • State - Not even enough to fund the ODNR properly
  • County - NO expected net gain after other property taxes revenues drop
  • Village - ? - UPDATE Rosebud purchased building in Village
  • Landowner - VERY FEW will get gains at the expense of all other landowners
  • Local business - NOT MANY local purchase per Mike Jamison
  • Currently un or underemployed Carrolltonians - NOT MANY coal mining requires special skills
  • Rosebud Mining - BIG WINNER  Coal mining is VERY profitable for coal companies!
      Rosebud mining will sell the coal it mines for about $45 per ton; however,
  • Rosebud pays a coal severance tax of only $0.10 per ton to the State.  ALL of that tax goes to fund ODNR's permitting and mine regulation agencies.  All the severance tax from all the mining activity only makes up 0.22% of Ohio's annual budget.
  • Only an estimated 10-20% of landowners will receive coal royalties.  The current price being offered to new coal royalty contracts Rosebud is signing ... $0.50 / ton.
  • Carroll County's mineral tax is expected to increase from $75,000 per year to approximately $150,000 per year during any active mining activity.  Once the mining activity ceases, it will drop to below it's current levels.
  • Even though Rosebud claims they are going to invest millions into the Teeter farm for mining buildings and infrastructure, the Auditor is only expecting less than a $5,000 increase in property taxes because most improvements by mining companies are exempt from taxation.
  • Unlike nearly every other business in the State of Ohio, Rosebud's operations are exempt from all personal property tax.
  • Looking at other "coal counties" shows that there is a direct correlation between increased mining activity and lower property values.  As mining activity progresses within the county, and property values decrease, land owners are expected to petition the County for reductions in real estate taxes.
ODNR coal data for 2009
See how long-wall mining has negatively impacted a Belmont County farm
Subsidence in Sugarcreek from 1960 room and pillar mine
Learn about all the coal mining permits pending in Ohio
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Coal ash storage becoming bigger problem

  Coal News 

Now our "energy independence coal" is being exported. 

Rosebud layoffs in PA 
Feb 27 The Kittanning Paper

Rosebud Mining Company Carrollton Permit Status -
Oct 23, 2012 ODNR says they are waiting for Rosebud to respond to the 21 pages of questions returned to them as part of the initial ODNR permit review process.  No additional ODNR work is scheduled until that response is received. 

Massey Energy found guilty of water contamination from coal slurry

  Meeting Presentations 

Protecting Landowner Surface Rights (Subsidence)
Protecting Landowner Water Rights
Carroll County at Crossroads of Becoming Coal County - Overview of probable impact of mining
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