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Let ODNR know you want your well protected - Letter to ODNR Chief

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Landowner Water Rights

Ohio Supreme Court rulings

Water Testing
 Understanding water test results near gas drilling - A Summit Environmental Technologies presentation that provides insight on the meaning of each of the test components and the EPA limits or average Ohio results where EPA limits have not been set.
Water testing, why, what, how, how much.  A CCC presentation to help landowners understand this complex topic
Water testing protocols in gas well areas
Ohio EPA water testing information in gas and oil development
Water testing - NY version...but still great resource for understanding why, what, how in OH
Water Testing Lab - A number of CC residents have contracted Summit Environmental Technologies (SET) near Akron to do their own water testing.  SET is an Ohio EPA certified drinking water laboratory and has provided good pricing and service.  SET may be reached at 800-278-0140 or see for more information.
Ohio Certified Water Testing Labs
Sharing your own water testing results with Chesapeake and others may be a good idea, see the Water Testing, why... presentation link above for more details.  Chesapeake will add landowner test results to their records by sending them to:

        Dana Drury - Corp Environmental Coordinator

        Chesapeake Energy Corporation

        5600 North May Avenue, First Floor, 108

        Oklahoma City, OK  73112
Ohio EPA regulations on disposal of well waste water (fracking fluid or produced fluid)
Spring development and sanitary protection
Use of springs and low yield wells - gallon per day requirements - OSU
Protecting your springs
Development and maintenance of springs
USGS Tusc River Basis Analysis (abstract)


Pending coal mine application status - ODNR link
ODNR gas / oil well database - Learn what active and plugged wells are near you
MSHA (safety) permits for area mines
US coal pricing trends
US Dept of Interior response to ODNR water rights questions

Unconventional Gas Drilling

Anthony Ingraffea Ph.D Engineering - 1:50 Fracking Facts YouTube video presentation
Gas industry executive debunks industry claims of no-worries (video) link - good info on oil / natural gas and royalty calculator
Natural gas and oil drilling and hydrofracking
Unconventional drilling in Eastern Ohio...what is going on and why people are concerned
ODNR gas well database (a little tricky to navigate)
Mine subsidence definition and facts
Sample gas lease with landowner focused terms (Disclaimer: CCC IS NOT PROVIDING LEGAL ADVICE.  We are simply sharing public information.  Always check with your attorney before signing any contract.)
Sample lease pages 1-11
Sample lease pages 12-27
Mandatory pooling - ODNR process of eminent domain for mineral rights
Alternative drilling methods that reduce landowner risks
Truck traffic associated with gas well drilling (video)

 Other Groups with Similar Concerns 
Northeast Ohio Gas Accountability Project (NEOGAP)
Get FrACTive video on local activities regarding hydraulic fracturing
Citizens Coal Council
Counter Coalture
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